Currently located within the Avondale College Library, the AHC is a a unique collection of documents, publications magazines, artworks, multimedia and artefact's created by employees, members and volunteers of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific islands.


A Seventh-day Adventist heritage collection grew from discussion between Keith Clouten, Pastors Frame and Parmenter and Dr Eric Magnusson in 1973.  In 1977 three office rooms were renovated to house library shelving and to accommodate what was called the Heritage Room Collection.  Over the years the collection has grown and overflowed into more of the Avondale College Library.

In the 1990s, the collection, now called Avondale College South Pacific Division Heritage Room, was relocated to Avondale’s White building as Library extensions were undertaken.  Then in 1998 when the alterations to the Library building were completed the collection was moved to a where it is today.  Shortly there after a curator was appointed on limited part-time basis, freeing Library staff to engage in more important matters.

In 2003 the collection was renamed the Adventist Heritage Centre to reflect more truly its vast collection.  In 2013, funding was made available for the construction of an off site large storage facility, which is quickly being filled.


The document collection consists of over 1,500 document boxes, which hold a wide variety of letters, certificates, personal papers, church records, research notes and similar.  These documents provide a very personal view of events, places, actions and beliefs.

The serial or magazine collection consists of over 500 current and back issues of Seventh-day Adventist titles, such as the Australian 'Bible Echo',  'Longburn Echo', Appeal for Missions', Australasian Record', conference bulletins, and school and college publications.

The Multimedia collection includes hundreds of photographs, films, video and audio recordings, along with other formats.  This material places a human face on the history of the Seventh-day Adventist church, and provides and extremely valuable source of material for researchers.

The collection also houses over 2,000 books, numerous building plans, models, and artworks. Plus a large collection of Oceanic ethnographic artefact's.  the current collection owes its growth to materials generously donated by individuals, families, and institutions.  And we thank everyone for helping us to build this significant Seventh-day Adventist Oceanic collection.


Curator: Ms Rose-lee Power

The curator assisted by a team of staff, students and volunteers has facilitated a significant growth in the content and size of the Centre’s collection and has improved client services. They handle all material formats (old and new), including oceanic artefact's from single item to prearranged truckload donations. “Sometimes the oddest pieces can be the missing link in the story of the Church’s history,” says Ms Power. “We never know what might be important until we see or hear about something.”