Exciting News!

Many thanks to some kind donors, we now have a growing list of parts for the Andrew Stewart:

  • 2 x Front seats
  • 1 x Bench seat
  • 1 x Air speed indicator
  • 1 x Directional Gyro
  • 1 x Artificial Horizon
  • 1 x Climb & Descent indicator
  • 1 x Tachometer
  • 1 x Altimeter

Watch this page for more news about parts for the Andrew Stewart! See below for still required non-airworthy parts.


Still Wanted: 180B Plane Parts for the Andrew Stewart

If you have any Cessna 180B plane parts that you are able to donate for this project, we are currently in need of the following:

  • Plywood for floor
  • Two control columns
  • L & R Door Upholstery Panels
  • L & R Upholstery Side Panels
  • L & R Pilot Upholstery Side Panels
  • Instrument Panel Cover
  • Glove Box Door
  • Cover for top of Instrument Panel
  • Rear Cabin Upholstery Panel
  • Unserviceable Instruments for Panel (not listed above)


Please contact Rose-Lee Power at the Adventist Heritage Centre to donate parts to this project.